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Charge Controllers from Xantrex
(formerly Trace Engineering)

battery charge controllers from Xantrex

All of the charge controllers from Xantrex feature a 3-stage PWM charging algorithm which is a big step up from the older relay style controllers. The C12 is a small 12V/12A unit that is unique in that it can operate as a charge controller and 12 VDC load controller at the same time (something most other controllers can't do). The C12 also has a built-in automatic lighting control circuit that will turn a 12VDC light on at dusk and run it for a user adjustable time period or from dusk-to-dawn if there is enough energy stored in the battery bank. Add to this the fact that the C12 has user adjustable voltage set points, a tri-color system status LED, battery temperature sensor option and it is outdoor rated and you have a very versatile 12V charge/load/light controller. The C12 measures 6.5" H x 4.3" W x 1.5" D and features a two year warranty. 


The C35, C40 and C60 “C-Series” controllers are 3-stage PWM controllers, but unlike the C12 they can only operate as a charge controller or a load controller, they can’t do both at the same time.  The C35 and the C60 can be used in 12 or 24V systems while the C40 can be used in 12, 24 or 48V systems.  Their amperage capacity is in their name at 35, 40 and 60 amps respectively.  These controllers can even be used as diversion regulators for hydro and wind systems by sending excess power to an external heating element if the batteries are full.  All three of the C-Series controllers use the same enclosure, but the C40 and C60 have an external heat sink on top to help dissipate heat at high amperage levels.  Xantrex also offers an optional battery temperature sensor (15’ or 35’) as well as a very handy digital display that can be used on all 3 C-Series controllers.  This display shows array/load amperage, battery voltage and cumulative amp-hours which is very helpful information to have for monitoring your system’s performance or for doing trouble shooting.  This display can be mounted directly on the face of the C-Series controllers or 50’ to 100’ away with the appropriate cable.  The C35 measures 8” H x 5” W x 2.5” D (w/o heatsink) while the C40 & C60 measure 10” H x 5” W x 2.5” D (with heatsink).  The Xantrex C-Series controllers feature a 2 year warranty and have been the workhorse in the controller market for many years making them our top pick in medium to high capacity PWM controllers.


Xantrex charge controller pricing

(please call for latest products, pricing, and availability)

Model Description Price
C12 12A/12V charge/load/light controller $110
C35 35A/12 or 24V charge or load controller $119
C40 40A/12, 24 or 48V charge or load controller  $159
C60 60A/12 or 24V charge or load controller $199
CM liquid crystal display of array amperage, battery voltage & amp-hours $99
CM/R-50 remote CM display with 50' cable $126
CM/R-100 remote CM display with 100' cable  $146
BTS/15 15' battery temperature sensor $29
BTS/35  35' battery temperature sensor $32
MPPT60-150  60A charge controller w/maximum power point tracking $685