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MorningStar Charge Controllers

charge controllers by MorningStar

MorningStar has a full line of PWM charge controllers, ranging from their basic 4 amp SunGuard to their brand new top-of-the-line 60 amp TriStar. All of their controllers feature a PWM charging algorithm and battery temperature sensing either built into the unit (SunGuard, SunSaver, SunLight & ProStar) or with an optional sensor (ProStar & TriStar). MorningStar is driven to make their controllers as efficient and reliable as possible while keeping the price competitive with other manufacturers. All of the MorningStar controllers feature a 5-year warranty, and we highly recommend them for small-to-medium-sized photovoltaic systems.


charge controller

The MorningStar SunGuard is a fully epoxy encapsulated outdoor rated 4.5A "ice cube" sized 12V PWM charge controller. It has built-in temperature compensation, lightning protection and easy 4-wire hookup. The SunGuard's regulation voltage is set at 14.1 (best for sealed or gel batteries) and is not adjustable for battery type like MorningStar's other controllers. It's dimensions are 2.5" x 2.0" x 1.5" and it weighs just 3 oz.


charge controller

The MorningStar SunSaver line of controllers (8 models in all) have built-in temperature compensation, they are epoxy encapsulated, but are not outdoor rated since they have an exposed front mounted 7 position terminal strip. Units are available for 12 or 24V systems ranging in amperage capacity from 6-20 amps. The regulating voltage is adjustable for sealed or flooded batteries by simply removing/installing an included metal jumper between terminals 6 and 7. A green "charging" LED is standard on all SunSaver units while the units with the optional low voltage disconnect (LVD) for a DC load also have a red LED to indicate when the load has been disconnected to prevent the battery from being over discharged. Each terminal can accept up to two #10 AWG wires. It's dimensions are 6" x 2.2" x 1.3" and it weighs 8 oz.


charge controller

The MorningStar SunLight controllers combine the features of the SunSaver controllers (including LVD) with an adjustable automatic lighting control circuit. This allows you to connect a DC light and have it come on at dusk for a set period of time or dusk-to-dawn. It's 10 position rotary switch lets you choose exactly how your DC light will operate. Low voltage disconnect and sunrise override the lighting timer. It even includes a test button so you can turn the lights on during the day or for a short period of time (3 minutes) after LVD has occurred. These versatile controllers are available for 12 or 24V systems with amperage capacities of 10 or 20 amps. It's dimensions are 6.6" x 2.2" x 1.3" and it weighs 9 oz.


charge controller

The second generation MorningStar ProStar line of controllers feature a 3-position battery type selector, tropicalization (conformal coated circuit board and stainless steel fasteners) and the optional display shows protection functions, disconnect conditions and self diagnostics. All units feature built-in battery temperature compensation (an optional sensor is available), low voltage disconnect (LVD) and three LED's indicating your battery's state of charge. The standard ProStar controllers are available with a 15 or 30 amp capacity and will automatically detect your battery voltage to automatically work with 12 or 24V systems without any user adjustment required. Options include a digital display with manual disconnect button, battery temperature sensor and positive ground (on select models). While the first generation ProStar controllers were not the most user friendly, the improvements made in the 2nd generation ProStar line of charge controllers is welcome and makes them a great choice for medium sized photovoltaic systems.


charge controller

The MorningStar TriStar is the newest addition to the  family of PWM charge controllers .  It is a serious UL listed controller for large 12, 24 or 48 systems and it is available in 45 or 60 amp capacities. Unlike the SunSaver, SunLight & ProStar controllers, the TriStar cannot operate as a charge and load controller at the same time. However, it can be used as a diversion controller for a wind or hydro system where it will dump excess power to a heating element to prevent the batteries from being overcharged. The TriStar is conduit ready with large #2 AWG wire terminals and it will easily mount on existing power panels. It can even be connected directly to a personal computer via an RS-232 port for data logging or remote system monitoring and control. Options include a battery temperature sensor and digital meter that displays battery voltage, charging amperage, battery temperature, cumulative amp-hours and system status in one of 5 languages. While the TriStar is new to the market, MorningStar has spent a lot of time gathering input from their dealers on what features to incorporate into this new controller and we expect great performance and reliability from this unit. Dimensions are 10.3" H x 5" W x 2.8" D and it weighs 3.5 lbs.

MorningStar Charge Controller Pricing

(Please call for latest pricing and availablity)

Model Description Price
SunGuard-4 12V 4.5A controller $32
SunSaver-6 12V 6A controller $49
SunSaver-6L 12V 6A controller with LVD $61
SunSaver-10 12V 10A controller $57
SunSaver-10L 12V 10A controller with LVD $72
SunSaver-10L-24 24V 10A controller with LVD $79
SunSaver-20L-12 12V 20A controller with LVD $98
SunSaver-20L-24 24V 20A controller with LVD $104
SunSaver-D-25 SunSaver Duo $110
SunSaver-D-25RM SunSaver Duo with remote meter $187
SunSaver MPPT-15L SunSaver MPPT controller $279
SunSaver RM-1 Remote meter with 30' cord $96
SunLight-10L-12 12V 10A controller with LVD & light controller circuit $111
SunLight-10L-24 24V 10A controller with LVD & light controller circuit $119
SunLight-20L-12 12V 20A controller with LVD & light controller circuit $144
ProStar-15 12 or 24V 15A controller w/o meter or disconnect $115
ProStar-15M 12 or 24V 15A controller with meter and disconnect $183
ProStar-15M-48 48V 15A controller with meter and disconnect $228
ProStar-30 12 or 24V 30A controller w/o meter or disconnect $155
ProStar-30M 12 or 24V 30A controller with meter and disconnect $223
  ProStar Remote Temperature Probe $32
TriStar-45 12 24 or 48V 45A controller $174
TriStar-60 12 24 or 48V 60A controller $224
TriStar DVM TriStar Digital Meter $102
TriStar DVM-R30 TriStar Remote Digital Meter with 30m cable $136
TriStar DVM-R10 TriStar Remote Temperature Sensor with 10m cable $32